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RdRCannabis is a program that intends to complement the risk & harm reduction task that Cannabis Associations & Clubs already do. On this site, we seek to provide and share information concerning health issues and a responsible use of cannabis. Follow us!

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Exploring tobacco alternatives: herbal cigarettes, cannabis, and smokeless nicotine options

If someone wishes to give up tobacco for whatever reason, there are many options to explore. Tobacco smoking impacts around 1.2 billion people globally and is the primary cause of preventable premature death. Tobacco harm reduction advocates encourage educational efforts on smoking alternatives.1 It is important to note that smoking tobacco is part of cultural practices in many places of the world and not all people develop issues with it.2 Whether you are interested in quitting tobacco or not, this piece will explore some potential alternatives to smoking tobacco that includes the integration of other herbs as well as smokeless options.
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The long, rich history of cannabis and tobacco smoking

Humans have long been in allyship with plants and we have been smoking them for millennia. Incense burners in China used in funeral rites some 2,700 years ago have been cited as the first documentation of cannabis for psychoactive exploration. This is one of the oldest ways known that cannabis was inhaled.1 Later came pipes, joints, bongs, and many other ways of consuming it via inhalation.
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Fact or fiction: is there such a thing as a cannabis overdose?

Part of the controversy on this issue is likely to stem from a misunderstanding of terminology. So first of all we need to define what exactly is meant by “overdose”. If it is interpreted to mean a set of acute adverse health consequences of taking too much cannabis, then it does occur, and indeed most users will have experienced it at some point in their lives. By contrast, if an overdose is seen as an episode that can result in death from poisoning, then no, this is not the case.
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Vaporize it! An alternative to burning and nicotine

Everyone knows that cannabis use can pose health risks for the smoker. However, less well known is the method of use which can greatly mitigate a large part of this potential harm while also affording an enhanced user experience: vaporisation, which is unanimously rated by both users and research as the safest and most efficient strategy for harm reduction and pleasure management associated with cannabis use.
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Cutting down on your cannabis use

Responsible consumption is a contentious issue. Responsibility is a value that would seem to be an indicator of maturity. And maturity, in this case, has nothing to do with age. There are some very mature children and some extremely childish adults. This picture can be extrapolated to psychoactive substance use.
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