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RdRCannabis is a program that intends to complement the risk & harm reduction task that Cannabis Associations & Clubs already do. On this site, we seek to provide and share information concerning health issues and a responsible use of cannabis. Follow us!

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Cannabis edibles

Food. What a pleasure. How most of us love to eat. Eating is a basic necessity for survival. We have to eat several times a day to stay healthy. And of course, cannabis culture has also led to the evolution of cannabis cuisine. Not surprisingly, in the states of the United States where cannabis is legal there is a thriving industry engaged in marketing food products which contain the main psychoactive substances in cannabis. You would be amazed at how many ingestible products containing cannabis are marketed.
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Cannabis and the law: Ignorantia juris non excusat

There is a legal principle which says that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Translated from Latin, we might render it as: ‘not knowing what the law is does not exempt you from complying with it’. Seen in a positive light, this tells us that information is essential to make the right decisions.
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Cannabis and driving: controversy rages on

It is well known that the time taken to flush the remains (metabolites) of cannabis from the body of the person who has used it is much longer than for any other substance detectable in a check (alcohol, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine, MDMA, methamphetamine, and opiates). While alcohol disappears from the body within a few hours and stimulants take three to four days, some people test positive for cannabis up to three weeks after their last use. Continue reading

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