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RdRCannabis is a program that intends to complement the risk & harm reduction task that Cannabis Associations & Clubs already do. On this site, we seek to provide and share information concerning health issues and a responsible use of cannabis. Follow us!

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An updated cannabis catalogue: types of extraction and main trends (2/2)

In the previous entry, we discussed the best-known marijuana extractions in Catalonia that don’t need solvents for their preparation. In this post we will learn about the riskier extractions requiring more complex techniques when handling the raw material, that is, the plant buds. By this, we are referring to the world of dabbing and budder, shatter, and wax, and the butane that binds them all!
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An updated cannabis catalogue: types of extraction and main trends (1/2)

The internet is full of posts, reels, unboxings and reviews of new strains, growing methods, consumption trends or cannabis-based products. When browsing through this abundance, we also find influencers, specialised YouTube channels and multiple organisations whose purpose is to educate and provide information. The presentations of cannabis products have evolved continuously during the last decade. With improvements in the cannabinoid and terpene extraction processes, the range of possibilities has expanded, and each product has its particular features. In this post, we will examine some of the more popular presentations in Catalonia.
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Smoking without a filter increases the risks; therefore, the filter increases the benefits (2/2)

In a previous post we examined the origin of cigarette filters in the 1950s. We also described some of the options used to reduce risks associated with cannabis combustion and concluded with some of the main features of five of the most popular filters in Catalonia. We now propose looking in greater depth at the health damage related with smoke and, in particular, with cannabis smoke, and reviewing different ways of reducing the risks associated with combustion through the use of six other types of filter that have recently gained popularity.
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Risk reduction and cannabis social clubs (CSCs) (2/2)

To a point, one could launch the thesis that Spain is the site for a large-scale sociosanitary experiment on cannabis use. The fact that there are over 1.200 Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) all over the country dispensing cannabis and derivatives to hundreds of thousands of people vouches for it. Because of the lack of specific regulation of CSCs’ activity, one of the weaknesses of this big social experiment is that there is almost no data to monitor and improve the follow-up of what is really happening. Next you will find a review of some of the surveys and publications dealing with CSCs as regards risk reduction.

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Risk reduction and cannabis social clubs (CSCs) (1/2)

This time we will delve into the philosophy of risk reduction to understand the pillars on which RdRcannabis program is based. Even though effectiveness of this sort of prevention projects has been sufficiently proven, it is not rare that people scorn the public administration supporting programs that invite substance users to design their own. Accompany us in this tale through the path we have come from the starting point to the foreseeable finish line.
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